Dark Love Ink is a tattoo studio by renown Canadian tattoo artist John Maxwell in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

A full custom tattoo studio that specializes in style, design and a desire to create art. Imprint your favorite tattoo at our premium quality studio by renowned Canadian tattoo artist John Maxwell in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Our goal is to provide a friendly and professional atmosphere while keeping our customers satisfied and comfortable at our facility.


We understand tattooing is a decision for life. At Dark love ink, our renowned and experienced tattoo artist, John Maxwell has been drawing and creating designs that are unique since he was a teenager. His passion and love for art aspire him to meticulously work on creating designs that customers adore.


With over 10 years of experience and expertise, John Maxwell is a professional tattoo artist. Whether you are looking to have a new tattoo or coverup an old memory, give John your idea and he will help your vision come true. As an expert, he will custom style tattoo with immense patience and respect.


At Dark love ink tattoo studio, we believe customers are king. We listen to our customers and deliver designs that meet their needs. No tattoo job is too big or small for us. We offer unmatched services to our customers. Book an appointment today!

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About the studio

John Maxwell, a renowned Canadian tattoo artist was inspired to start his own business venture in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Since his teenage years, he was highly passionate about art and creating unique designs. His first job as an apprentice at a tattoo studio during his high school days. He has been working in the industry ever since. With over 10 years of experience, John has thousands of hours of drawing, practicing, and tattooing.

If you are looking for an experienced and professional tattoo artist in Costa Rica, Dark love ink tattoo studio is the place to be! If you are looking for the best and renowned tattoo artist in town, contact us today to book your free consultation.


So, you want a tattoo? Getting inked is a big decision and choosing the perfect tattoo studio is a bigger decision to make. You need a professional and artistic touch for your tattoos without compromising on service. 

Dark love ink is one of the original tattoo studios in Costa Rica. John Maxwell, the owner of this business venture and tattoo studio has been tattooing professionally for over 10 years. It has started off with just one goal in mind, to be the best tattoo studio in Costa Rica. Seeing our customers’ tattoo results meet their expectations is an incredibly satisfying experience. Whether you are looking for a new tattoo design or to cover up an existing one, we will create attractive designs that are unique and creative.

An experienced artist, professionalism and friendly environment are all key reasons why you must choose us for your next tattoo. 


John is really a great guy & he is very professional. I was very happy with the final result & now my wife will be getting a tattoo from John too!Chris Madden
Super Happy with the work John did. He was recommended by El gringo and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks man!Fred Ortiz
John is an extremely talented artist… Give him an idea & he’ll create something beyond your wildest dream! Highly recommended. I fly from Florida just to get work done by John now.Jason C. H.
Super stoked with tattoo from John! Go see him if you are in san juan del sur!FCG
Excellent freehand by John!!Tina F.
Really sweet dude, extremely personable and professional… He did great, quick work.Brandon K. T.
John is an amazing artist! Talented, patient and an awesome guy.Rob L.
My boyfriend & I both got tattoos… John was given full creative control & did an incredible work!! We are both completely stoked. Very clean & professional.Shayla C.
Love my tats, great vibes, skilled with the gun. I want more.India R.
John is an awesome dude who does good work… and couldn’t of been happier with my tattoo.Chris J. K.

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