Sunday Funday Pool Crawl

If you like a good pool side party, Sunday Funday in San Juan del Sur is the party for you. Hosted by the PachaMama Hostel, Sunday Funday is an organized pool crawl where people are bused around all day in the back of pickup trucks, going from one pool side to another, drinking, making friends and overall having a blast. Prepare yourself for a lot of madness in a sea of Sunday Funday tank-tops and drunken 20-somethings. It’s sure to be something you will be talking about for years to come.

Sunday Funday Pool Crawl San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Rent a Motorcycle

Nicaragua is not a very big country but it has many beautiful and exciting things to offer the traveler in search of a little bit of adventure & how better to explore this amazing country and experience the beauty of Nicaragua than looking cool on the back of a motorcycle? Riding a motorcycle in Nicaragua will allow you to go places where no other tourist has been and see things that only a privileged few have the chance to witness. Turn your vacation into an adventure and rent a motorcycle in Nicaragua. In San Juan del Sur, El Gringo’s Rentals is by far your best option to rent a motorcycle.

Rancho Chilamate Horseback Riding

Rancho Chilamate Eco Guest Ranch & Horseback Adventures offers guided horseback rides to the adventurous traveler who wants to get up close and personal with Nicaragua. From the back of healthy and well taken care of horses, the ride crosses rivers, passes through local communities, open fields and over hilltops to offer spectacular views of Nicaragua’s landscape and many sightings of Nicaragua’s beautiful wildlife including monkeys and colorful exotic birds.

Surfing Hermosa Maderas yankee remanso san juan del sur nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is really coming up on the map these last few years as one of the best surfing destination in Central America with its many nearby surf breaks and constant offshore winds. With world class surf breaks like Playa Remanso, that offers both a left point break and a beach break, Playa Hermosa that has the most consistent beach break in the area and Playa Maderas with its barrelling beach break, San Juan del Sur is a must surfing destination!

Da Flying Frog Canopy Tour

Located only five minutes from San Juan del Sur, Da FLying Frog Adventure Center has the longest canopy tour in the area offering 2.5 kilometers of zip line along 16 platforms, in a jungle setting through ancient trees, forest and valleys, where nature prevails and wildlife is abundant. Reaching heights of up to 50 meters from the ground, you will see monkeys, raccoons, iguanas, exotic birds and more!

da flying frog canopy tour zip lining san juan del sur nicaragua
Turtle tour La flor natural reserve san juan del sur nicaragua
La Flor Nature Reserve Turtle Tour

La Flor Beach Natural Reserve near San Juan del Sur has one of the most beautiful beaches of the south Pacific. Made of pure white sand and bordered by tropical forests and the Pacific Ocean, the reserve is one of a few arribada beaches of Olive Ridley Turtles in the world. Arribada beaches are beaches where turtles come en masse to nest and at La Flor, more than 30,000 Olive Ridley turtles come each year to mate and lay more than 100 eggs each.

Workout at the Fight Club Gym

The Fight Club Gym San Juan del Sur is more than a gym, it’s a community of like minded people who care about their health and like to socialize and have fun while staying fit. The Fight Club Gym is equipped with a full size boxing ring and punching bags and offers free weights, bumper plates and weight lifting machines. You can also take private lessons with personal trainers in boxing, kickboxing, and general fitness or participate in bootcamp and crossfit group classes.

Fight Club Gym fitness club boxing san juan del sur nicaragua
Nica Sail and surf catamaran sunset cruise san juan del sur nicaragua
Nica Sail & Surf Sunset Cruise

Nica Sail & Surf Catamaran Sunset Cruise is Nicaragua’s #1 catamaran excursion! Be ready for an epic sailing adventure along the beautiful tropical coastline of Nicaragua. Visit secluded beaches, fish fresh Tuna and Mahimahi or observe the amazing wildlife including dolphins, flying fish, turtles and stunning tropical birds. With Charters departing daily from San Juan del Sur, Nica Sail & Surf offers an experience of a lifetime to the entire family.

Hike to the Statue of the Christ of Mercy

The Christ of Mercy statue in San Juan del Sur stands at a colossal 24 meters high, making it one of the tallest statues of Jesus in the world. As you step on to the beach in the bay of San Juan, if you look to very end of the beach towards the North-West, it is impossible to miss it standing tall on top of the cliff. Hiking to the statue is a bit of a challenge because of the heat and the steep hill, but the 360 degree view is well worth it!

Nica Sail and surf catamaran sunset cruise san juan del sur nicaragua
Chill on the Beach

If you are in need of a simple day at the beach to soak in some sun, San Juan del Sur has a magnificent beach with all the commodities to make your day on the sand one to remember like great restaurants and bars that bring you your food and drink on the beach. There are also other, more secluded and quiet beaches where you can find peace and swim like Playa Marsella and Playa Coco and don’t forget the famous Playa Hermosa, where Survivor Nicaragua was filmed!