San Juan del Sur is a town on the southern pacific coast of Nicaragua. The town used to be a small, quiet fishing village in the largest & poorest country of Central America, but over the last few years, it has developed to become one of the most sought after, off the beaten path destination for a myriad of travellers from all walks of life. For International tourists & Nicaraguans alike, San Juan del Sur is synonymous with a beautiful sandy beach, the relaxing sound of waves crashing & of course, a good time!

San Juan del Sur welcomes an extremely diverse crowd of vacationers; from the rich Nicaraguans coming from Managua to party for the weekend or enjoy the beach with their family, to the backpackers looking for a good time, the surfers, eternally on a quest for the best waves, the retirees and expatriates searching for a warm, inexpensive place to spend the winter months, & even the adventurous families, looking for something a little bit different than your typical resort for their vacation spot.

San Juan del Sur is truly an interesting & exciting melting pot & it has a lot more to offer than cold beer & amazing beaches! Check out our list of Top 10 Things to Do in San Juan del Sur!